Turbo Raven Turbo_Raven

$44.95 per unit
Weight: 3.000 lb

Wayne Handley's AMAZING performer!! Powered by a P&W PT6A Turbo Prop, It was one of the first full scale aerobatic planes to have a thrust to weight ration GREATER than 1:1! It was the first "3D" Full size aircraft as well...  It lives up to expectations in this all Mini 3D form. We added a little more control surface area to help with extreme 3D maneuvers. The entire plane has been designed and drawn in CAD with locking parts for a perfect, strong, and straight airframe. Our side rail fuselage design excels at high alpha flight, and dramatically improves high speed and low speed tracking. (Looks really cool too!) It also provides a much stronger (and lighter) fuselage, all so that you can push the edge just a little bit further...

Span: 40"

Area: 295 in2

Weight: 11oz-15.5oz rtf

Rec Motors:

GWS 350D

AXI 2212-34

Hacker B20-18L

Hacker A20-20L

Himax 2015-4100



If you are new to Depron you HAVE TO TRY IT!!! The stuff is great! It is all laser cut just like a big wood kit! It is a tough foam with a smooth, glossy surface. It is easy to airbrush, spray paint, or "marker". It is lighter than other foams as well as stronger! We ship it in from Europe, as it is not available here in the USA.  Give yourself a weekend to put all the parts together and get it painted. It is a fast construction with no ribs, sticks or complicated structures. We have provided a list of motors and battery combinations on the plans to help you get the right equipment. Kit comes in natural depron white, landing gear not included.


Kit Contents:

  • Comes with all the parts laser cut and ready for assembly. There is no cutting out parts by hand here! You will be provided with a professional boxed kit with all parts in sealed bags. Kit includes all spars, laser cut Depron, laser cut ply reinforcements and my radical "Torqued" motor mount system.  The full color, picture illustrated plans and instruction manual are in digital format (.PDF) on CD and is your choice whether to print them or view them on the computer. A full hardware kit is included.

So what does the "PRO" version get you????

1) All Depron (not "Ultrafoam or FFF") LASER cut parts, all hardware, my "Torqued" motor mount system, and the Build CD with all the videos, plans, and manuals.
2) G-Force wing design: This is the heart of the PRO version. It is a 6mm Depron core, the spar cutout is laser cut FOR YOU! So are the aileron servo cutouts... Then the beautiful LE is all lightened up with the lightning holes.... To top it off, the control horn slots are all cut, ready for the cool 3D Foamy 3D control horns (included) The Beauty of the deal is the top and bottom LE wing skins. It allows for slower airspeeds on the down lines, totally eliminates high speed "hunting" (not much to start with though) and improves the tracking to the point that you WILL NOT think you are flying a "Flat" wing... The top wing cap covers the servo and lightening cutouts... The bottom wing cap makes it all symmetrical... By sanding the LE round, it creates a good separation point for good clean snaps. The Caps carry back to MAC , then bevel into the 6mm section. This creates a small vortex down the rest of the wing, allowing better aileron control, less wing rock, and a little more "lift" for slower landings. This also helps out with the glide ratio.... It looks awesome too.... the aileron servos and wires are completely hidden in the wing. No more servo leads dangling in the wind!
3) Direct Drive rudder and elevator linkage. The servos are located as close as possible to the flight surface. It uses a short carbon pushrod for control... The plane flies like a 40%er, and so now the controls are setup the same too!

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